County Commissioner Meeting 3/23


The heavy rains have shut down one road in the county that has become impassible due to mud. The Commissioner’s discussed TWorks funds and how to best make use of the funding that is available. There are $270,000 available and Bourbon County has plans for $100,000 of it.

The commissioners went into Executive session to discuss non-elected personel with Marty. No action was taken.

John Wonderly from Fulton

Asked if they could get a white line on old 69 high way from 54 to the county line.  He also said that there was a big bump in one of the bridges and wondered if it could be fixed. Chairman Coleman said that the cost of adding a line would be very expensive and at this time the county doesn’t have the funds to add lines to that road.

He was also concerned that the Fulton City Attorney (Valorie Lebanc) was requesting more funds for an assistant. He doesn’t understand how she can work for both the county of Bourbon County and the City of Fulton and wanted to make sure that she wasn’t spending time she is being paid for Bourbon County to do work for the Fulton City Court.

He was recently served a summons from the City of Fulton due to farm equipment and trash and said that he would have preferred if someone had just have come to talk to him about it.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schweikert

They were concerned about a creek that had sticks and tree limbs clogging it up. The Chairman said that they would probably need to talk to the State of Kansas about it.

There was also concern about the planned walking trail along the Marmaton River. They said that there was land that would come back to them from the vacated railroads and they had heard that the property was going to the trail instead of coming back to them. Mr. Endicott said that he had heard the railroad was going to be using that area again. The Scheweikert’s said they would prefer to have trains using the property rather than a trail because she doesn’t want four wheelers in that area. She was also concerned that the trail would push out the wildlife.

Mr. Endicott said that the Riverfront Authority was running into some problems securing some of the property they need for the trail so he said they didn’t need to be concerned about it for awhile.


3 thoughts on “County Commissioner Meeting 3/23”

  1. I am wondering about one individual being both a city attorney and a county attorney. Isn’t that two day jobs? I wonder if the Assistant County Attorney is only a part-time position. I guess I could check, should check.

    1. I’m pretty sure the Fulton City Attorney is a very very part time position. Even if it isn’t there are a lot of people who work two day jobs and do it well.

      1. But, Bourbon County is very busy and have farmed out the tax sale and the investigation of the County Treasurer’s Office so that is what made me wonder if we were getting our money’s worth. Also, I think if you work for the County, you have to have permission to take on a second job so it must have been approved. Seriously, I would question anything going on in this county or city anymore and have darn good reason to question it too!

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