Common Property Tax Questions

What is the Extension category?

The “extension” category goes to the Southwind Extension District which appears to fund some of the local Extension Offices. In the past, the extension office was only funded by the state and wasn’t paid for by a separate local levy, but now it is.

What is the Other category?

The “other” category is what funds Fort Scott Community College. Sometimes in the past this was labelled as FSCC. The change was due to differences in the way the computer systems handle creating the statements.

How do I protest my taxes?

The County Treasurer’s office has Payment Under Protest Applications. These allow you to pay first half of the property taxes. The protest must be filed by December 20th. The County Appraiser will schedule an informal hearing. After the hearing the County Appraise will notify the citizen of the results. If the citizen wants to further contest the appraisal, they can file an appeal with the Small Claims and Expedited Hearing Division or through the Regular Division of the State Court of Tax Appeals.

Why do we make checks out to Susan Quick County Treasurer?

The Treasurer wanted to make sure the everyone knew that the money doesn’t go to her personally. The instructions on how to pay have been this way for years, so there has been no change in this matter.


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  1. As I stated above, the bill now states only “Susan Quick” while in previous years, including last year, it said “Bourbon County Treasurer, Susan Quick”. Was this a good time to make a change? To make it out personally to Susan Quick?

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