Common Ground: New Manager, Revamped Drive Through Window Service

Kalyn Turner, taken from her Facebook page.

Since May, Kalyn Turner has been the new manager of Common Ground Coffee Co., 12 E. Wall.

Turner is from a small town around Burlington, KS.

She graduated from South Coffey County High School, then got a graphic communication degree from Pittsburg State University.

“I have worked at a lot of random stuff..but every single experience has led me to this one,” she said.

Her duties, she said, include “being a light to the community to help them find their purpose and tell people about Jesus, while selling coffee.”

“I have a heart for worship, leading to Jesus,” she said. “I love Him, and He is letting me serve Him through coffee.”

There are approximately 15 employees at Common Ground, which is a popular community meeting place in downtown Fort Scott. The coffee house is a ministry of Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene.

Starting Today

Common Ground Coffee Co. is improving its drive through experience.

Beginning today, July 5, the drive through window will be an online and call-in pick up lane ONLY.

In order to improve its drive through experience, all drive through orders must be placed IN ADVANCE by:
Calling 620-223-2499 or visiting their website

Or ordering on their new app…/common-ground-coffee/id1616511138

“The goal is to get people through the pick up area quickly,” Turner said. “There were safety issues, when orders take time…sometimes people don’t have time to wait, so we are trying to speed it up for everyone.”

For the vast majority of Fort Scottians, sitting down with a “cuppa” coffee is still the preferred way to get a drink and meet with friends.

“You can still come in and get coffee,” she said. “We’d love for people to come in.”

Photo courtesy of Kenny Felt Photography and Common Ground Coffee Company.

Hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday.






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  1. Big fan of Common Ground and they got an outstanding manager! She is top notch and she will do great things for the coffee shop and their ministry!

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