Commissioners eliminate 5% bid allowance

As the County prepares to put courthouse roof repairs out to bid, commissioners have made a change to the way bids will be conducted.  Commissioner Barbara Albright said, “I just think we need to be consistent.” Commissioners considered getting rid of the 5% bid allowance for Bourbon County contractors. “We’ve got to settle it before we put anything else out for bid, I think,” said Commission Chairman Allen Warren. Albright pointed out that local contractors already have the opportunity to benefit because they have fewer transportation costs involved in taking on a job in Bourbon County, and that complaints have been sent to the commission regarding the 5% allowance.

Warren moved to eliminate the 5% bid allowance for local contractors. Albright seconded, pointing out that commissioners would still be accepting bids based on price and quality of work, which would still give local contractors the opportunity to compete well with outside contractors.

The Board of Directors for SEK Mental Health also attended the meeting in order to present a request for $77,250 in mill levy support for 2014, a 3% increase from the amount requested in 2013. Robert Chase, Executive Director, explained the mission of SEK Mental Health to the commissioners. Chase said “Our goal is to treat people in the community where their family and support system is.”

Karen Owen, CSS Director, highlighted the number of individuals that the organization is able to treat in the community instead of sending them away from the community they call home. According to Owen, about 50% of the cases SEK Mental Health sees are treated locally instead of being transported to other facilities. SEK Mental Health currently employs 16 full time employees and 10 part-time employees, but Chase explained that some of those employees’ time is being used as employees adjust to changes made by KANCARE. Alan Hauser, CFO of SEK Mental Health, highlighted the positive in KANCARE. Hauser said, “It hasn’t caused us not to offer services.”

According to the board, the organization has lost $90,000 in funding in the past 4 years. Hauser presented a graph showing data on the number of clients the organization has served in past years. Hauser explained that while number of clients served has gone down in the past year, the number of hours the organization has spent with patients has actually grown.


Reverend Marty DeWitt, Case Manager, explained how the services SEK Mental Health offers are essential to the county. He explained that when a person approaches him with a need for professional assistance, he is able to refer them to SEK Mental Health professionals.

In other business:

  • Commissioners signed off on firework sales permits for 4 firework stands, including Jakes (2 stands), one in Mapleton and one other within the county.
  • David Neville, County Custodial Supervisor, explained that the SEK Health building had water damage from poorly installed siding that was put on in years past. Insurance will not pay for damage to windows or decking on the roof of the Health building.  The affected 4 windows are located on the north side of the building.

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