Coleman recognized on Commissioners’ last day

Thursday morning, Third District Commissioner Harold Coleman was recognized by the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office for his 35 years of service to the county, both in the sheriff’s office and on the county commission.


“I present this plaque to you, Harold Coleman, in appreciation for your many years of dedicated service to the community of Bourbon County,” Sheriff Bill Martin said during a brief, surprise ceremony during the final county commission meeting before the new commissioners are sworn in.

For three years, Coleman held the position of undersheriff before becoming the sheriff in 1984. After 24 years as sheriff, he then served as a county commissioner for eight years.

“That’s a lot of years of service,” outgoing commission chairperson Barbara Albright said, while Coleman said it could be considered a lifetime.

“It’s been an experience that I think any man would probably cherish forever,” Coleman said, adding that, while the responsibilities as a commission are not always enjoyable or easy as they face decisions that impact the entire county, he will miss the people.

Albright also reflected on her terms as commissioner, as both Coleman and Albright visited the different departments of the county to say farewell to other county employees.

“It’s been great,” Albright said. “I feel like I’ve learned a lot in four years and I feel like I’ve contributed to our community and county.”

Coleman described the position as a rollercoaster ride, but both he and Albright said they were glad to do the best they could.

“That’s all we can do, is come in where things are and leave things as good as they are or better,” Albright said. “That’s our mission.”

Nick Ruhl and Jeff Fischer will be sworn in Monday at noon as they begin their terms as first and second district commissioners respectively.

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