City puts in new sidewalk along National

Residents passing through town on National Avenue may have noticed Rodgers and Sons Concrete hard at work on a new sidewalk in the residential area between 13th St and 15th St.


According to City Financial Director John Garrison, the project was one that had been planned last year as part of the city’s upkeep of infrastructure.

Garrison said that “Rodgers and Sons is the local contractor and it [the project] was funded out of a bond issue.” Garrison said, “We have a 5-year plan—5 million dollars a year—to fix side walks and side streets.” He mentioned that it was a part of the 2012 plan budgeted to take care of these issues.


Workers from Rodgers and Sons Concrete mentioned that they would be putting in a new sidewalk on the opposite side of the street as well, and that the new sidewalks will help keep pedestrians walking through the area safe from road traffic.


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