City Commission Approves Raise For Martin

Dave Martin

The Fort Scott City Commission budgeted this year for a three-percent raise for the city employees.

“When the commission approves the budget, we build in what we can for the employees, a three-percent raise,” City Manager Dave Martin said. “It takes effect on the anniversary date of when they started.”

Martin started in August 2010.

Fort Scott City Mayor JoLynne Mitchell introduced the City Manager’s Employment Agreement to the city commission Oct 2 at their regular meeting, according to the minutes of the meeting.

She asked each commissioner to speak to City Manager Dave Martin about his evaluation.

Commissioner Cindy Bartelsmeyer thanked Martin for his leadership and for the “hard work” he has provided. Ongoing improvements in street conditions need to be addressed, she said, according to the minutes.

Commissioner  Jeanne Parker said she” can’t remember a person who has taken such great strides with the city… and he has done a terrific job.”

Commissioner Randy Nichols said that the Martin is very “forward thinking” and  has a “great staff that works with him and is very positive.”

Mayor Mitchell said he does “a tremendous job.” She said that they “sometimes don’t speak the same language but they get along great.” She hopes that Martin recognizes that he has a “great City Commission” behind him.

The City Commission then approved a raise for Martin.

He received a three-percent increase in salary bringing his salary to $107,462.78.

One year was added to his contract, which will take his employment through August 21, 2023.

If Martin should leave, he would be paid for his sick leave and vacation time.

All members of the commission voted to approve the raise, with the stipulations listed.

Martin thanked the commission and said that he “appreciates the opportunity to serve the city and the city commission.” He said he “couldn’t do this job without his good team of employees.”

6 thoughts on “City Commission Approves Raise For Martin”

  1. So…this is why they’re charging us the 9.4% sales tax?
    And yet I’m still seeing problems with the streets in the city.

  2. What a slap in the face for hard-working Fort Scottians. Show us in black and white facts, not useless platitudes, exactly how Martin has benefited the city. His salary keeps climbing, yet there is not one thing upon which the city commission can actually base this rising salary on. And the benefits? Please, please, please look at the declining quality of life in Fort Scott (streets in disrepair, loss of jobs, etc.) and tell those of us who are footing the bill exactly what you base this raise on.

  3. This is pretty outrageous. Most of the senior citizens I know are working two jobs in Fort Scott just to make ends meet. They do not have extravagant lives or luxuries. Many who are “retired” also struggle to bring in much needed additional income. Instead of paying someone in Fort Scott $100 grand for improvements that amount to more plaques and gazebos, how about bringing in industry that pays folks who work here more than poverty level wages – industry that even seniors and disabled people can accomplish? Every day, I appreciate and love the people I live around and work with, and every day I get more angry at how this town has been run into the ground by the old families and the city government. What we need is different people at the city commission if these are the people who hire the city leaderships jobs; people who aren’t afraid to actually plan for sustainable health, growth, and aren’t nepotists and old boy networking.

  4. I see that JoLynne Mitchell stated Martin has “a great city commission behind him”
    The point is, “The city commission should be in the lead, not behind him”
    Just after Dave Bruner, Rhonda Dunn, and Dave Martin began an errant assault against our efforts at Beaux Arts, I told the Commissioners and Martin, their style of governance is no different than any other proletariat form of socialism.
    Since that time, we’ve seen business after business & person after person leave, or expand business elsewhere. VOTE power back to the taxpayers / citizens in November.

  5. Small towns are declining across America because local governments aren’t taking the necessary steps to provide support and job training for 21st century jobs. Period.

    As a result, most 21st century jobs (tech industry, mostly) steer clear of small towns.

    I grew up in Fort Scott but cannot and will not move back because there are no jobs in my industry. There are no jobs that would pay me enough to live plus pay exorbitant student loan payments. Almost all of my high school friends are in the same boat – deep love for our hometown, but unable to even consider returning because we need jobs that will cover our loans, our rent, and other major expenses.

    Government of Fort Scott – I implore you, please start working to improve life in your town for the people who choose to stay. I can understand why seeing a salary of $107,000 would anger average Fort Scottians who have trouble making their mortgage payments, buying their kids clothes, and still saving minimally for their future.

    A certain political ideology has reigned supreme in Kansas for a long time, and it’s not working for working people because it’s not designed to. I say give them a chance to fix it, or vote them out and elect people who actually have the best financial interest of working people in mind.

    Fort Scott, I love you. I hope things get better.

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