City Commission Meeting

This post contains notes from the city commission meeting on October 4th, 2011.

Community Garden

Jody Brillhart was recognized  for her work with the community garden project. Dave Martin spoke very highly of her work on that project and presented her with a certificate from the city.

Handicap Parking on Main

A citizen asked the commission for help with parking around the 900 block of Main near the high-school stadium. He is handicapped and cannot get a parking spot near his house when there is a football game. The police told him to park in the back of his house, but other people were parking there.

Mayor Adams asked the police chief if the individual could have the cars parked behind his house towed. The police chief said that if it was on his property the police could not have it towed, but it could be towed at the homeowners expense. The individual said that he was concerned that someone would damage his car if he had theirs towed.  The commission asked if it was legal to put a handicap parking put in front of his house, but Mr. Martin cautioned against putting handicapped signs up in public parking areas.  He was also pointed out that anyone with a handicap sticker could park in the space, so it might not necessarily help the individual get to his house.

Security Near 500 Block of Eddy

A retired couple moved from California to 400/500 block of Eddy had concerns about the security in that area. There was a robbery of a woman who lives alone and a suspicious fire. They feel like they are losing their neighborhood and that there isn’t enough of a police presence. They wanted to know what they can do to help keep the area safe. They were also concerned about the junk left in the alleys for 6 to 7 months.

Another individual said his car was stolen and burned last year after calling the police on the disturbances from 419 Eddy and he recently had another $10,000 of damage to his property in a similar situation. He said he has called the police “a bazillion times” but he felt the police were tired of hearing from him.  He said he called the police about a drug deal last Thursday, but they officer never came. He felt the police are scared of the people in that area. He feels that they aren’t catching anyone because they don’t spend any time there and because they don’t do any “detectiving” at night when the crimes are being committed.

He also said that people drive way to fast. He is thankful for the potholes on the street because it slows people down.

He didn’t think anyone would want to join any type of neighborhood watch program because they are afraid of retaliation.  He wants to see people arrested instead of just talking about it. He invited the commission to come over, sit at his house and watch what is going on.

One individual in the neighborhood not at the meeting bought a gun and put up a sign on his garage saying that he will shoot if anyone gets on his property.

Mother to Mother & Memorial Hall

Mother to Mother needed a different location and temporarily relocated to Memorial Hall. Dave Martin asked the commission if the area they are using could be leased to them on a more permanent basis for $100 per month going forward.

The ministry has been in Bourbon county for 13 years and serves a lot of single mothers, grandparents and other people who are having trouble raising their children. They were located in two units in Cameron Heights until HUD asked them to switch to a single unit, but it wasn’t big enough. They clothe 38 to 40 kids with school clothes every year. They also give out a lot of detergent and cleaning supplies. Last year they gave out over 20,000 diapers. Normally they get FEMA funds for diapers, but it wasn’t available this year because of the census.

The mayor is concerned that allowing people to use Memorial Hall is a dangerous precedence and pointed out that the city moved out of there because the cost of utilities are so high ($50,000 to heat per year). He wants to get the boiler shutdown and would prefer to have Mothers to Mothers located in a different location.  Right now there are still some city employees there (codes department), but that will change in the near future.  He was also concerned that opening it up for one non-profit will mean it must be available for any non-profit.

Dave Martin asked the commission if the goal is to shut down Memorial Hall and pointed out that it will deteriorate over time if left empty. If someone is going to need be in the building it might as well be an organization like Mother to Mother.

The mayor is concerned that as the federal government shuts down other services, the city is going to be faced with more and more organizations looking for a space. He would like to see the building shut down, but it appears that there are  number of other things the building is currently being used for including genealogy, records storage and the country music show.

The commission voted to table the discussion for now and plan to have a work session to look at the options and repercussions in more detail.

416 Eddy

The codes inspector said the building has been a problem for quite a while. He said it had gone through the condemnation process and after that was completed it caught on fire.  He recommends that the city go ahead and demolish the structure. The decision had been previously tabled, but they voted to go ahead and demolish it. They will get bids on having it removed.

Golf Cart Ordinance

The police chief checked with 16 other cities who allow golf carts on the city streets and none of them had any types of accidents. The ordinance being proposed requires registration of carts to be driven on the road. Several commissioners said that people had told them they didn’t want to see golf carts on the street.

Nothing was decided as this was the first reading.

Water/Sewer Penalties

There was a first reading of an ordinance that would increase the penalties for late payments from 5% to 10%.

Salary Ordinance

The account’s payable clerk has moved to the golf course. Dave Martin wants to promote Brent Crays to the director Community Development. The ordinance wasn’t passed out at the meeting, but it appears to deal with the raises and salaries of city workers.

The ordinance was passed.

Special Highway Budget

The ordinance will amend the budget to publish the ordinance that will allow the city to spend some money on road engineering.


One thought on “City Commission Meeting”

  1. So, they created another position at the golf course and it looked like in the FS Trib that they gave her a fancier title, probably more money. I wonder was the position she held necessary at City Hall as I know they added a position to that department when Susan became Asst. City Manager so they had too many people in the Finance Dept. so they sent the extra to the golf course? This really makes zero sense.

    And the Codes Department can’t even keep up with enforcing the codes so I think “Community Development” is a stretch but that is probably an increase in salary also.

    City government? Watch it grow. Really the City needs so many things and increasing the salaries of the employees is not going to make the town more attractive to businesses and people looking to relocate for work versus public assistance!

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