Citizens Bank, N.A. announces merger with Landmark

Citizens Bank, N.A., a prominent local financial institution, has announced its merger with Landmark National Bank, which is headquartered in Manhattan, KS. However, changes observed by customers, according to recent reports, should be minimal.

According to Becky Tourtillot, Director of Communication at Citizens Bank, N.A., the daily operations of the bank should remain fairly constant as compared with those before the merger, at least for the present. “At this point, we have a process to go through, which requires regulatory approval,” Tourtillot said. “For the current time, customers will not see any changes until that whole transition process is complete.”

According to Tourtillot, one factor that will allow daily operations to continue running smoothly involves the bank’s electronic operations. “We use the same vendor [as Landmark],” Tourtillot said. “That’s another reason we expect minimal disruption.”

Tourtillot said that once the transition is complete, the bank will operate under Landmark’s name.


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