Chamber Coffee – Ruddicks

The Chamber Coffee on December 1st was held at Ruddicks at 117 S. National. Ruddicks was started in 1934. The current owner is Terry Davenport. He has been at Ruddicks for 40  years–first as an employee and now as owner.

In addition to furniture, Ruddicks also offers sound equipment and floor materials and installation. Mr. Davenport said that they can order nearly anything and encouraged people to ask if they need something that they don’t have in stock.


3 thoughts on “Chamber Coffee – Ruddicks”

  1. Almost all of our furniture is from Ruddicks. I have always liked working with Kathy there since she’ll let you look or if you can describe what you are looking for, she can take you right to it. Never, ever had the problem of being steered to a more expensive piece like we had at other stores. Gosh, our sofas and chairs are over 5 years old and still look new. The customer service and delivery people are great too! When I listen to the radio or look in the newspaper, it is evident that Ruddicks really is a great supporter of the community and we should all appreciate that and make Ruddicks our first stop when we go looking for furniture. If you have a price range, let them know because they seemed to have something for every price range and they understand we all have different needs when it comes to that. Ruddicks – 5 stars out of 5! I’m not easy to please either!

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