Bridal Veil Park Proposal from Fort Scott High School Students

In 2015 Fort Scott High School students Gabrielle Allen,  Olivia Houston, Austin Bolinger, and Morgan Stoughton, under the instruction of teacher Amber Toth, put together a proposal for renovating Bridal Veil Park.

This was a semester long team project requiring students to research and implement solutions to community concerns in the City of Fort Scott.
Their school project included an analysis of what could be done with a  virtual budget.

The student project to renovate the park included playground equipment, a walking trail, some new lighting, four new picnic tables, 14 new trees, and benches, with a total cost of just under $75,000

It also included an analysis of the ongoing costs.  The project was presented to the Fort Scott City Council.

Arial view of Bridal Veil Park provided in the student presentation.

With the recent discussion about the future of the park, the four students have graciously allowed us to share their proposal for the park.  The proposal can be downloaded here.

Bridal Veil Park Proposal

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