Brandon Whisenhunt is Selected for the Bourbon County Commission

Brandon Whisenhunt, Submitted photo.

Brandon Whisenhunt, 45, was selected last evening by the local Republican Party to fill the Bourbon County Commission  District One position. The meeting took place at the Fort Scott Livestock Market.

Whisenhunt replaces Nelson Blythe, who resigned earlier this month.

“I work as a trash truck technician for waste management in Kansas City, Kansas,” Whisenhunt said.  “I was previously a city council member for the City of Mapleton and currently volunteer for the Mapleton Homecoming Committee.  My wife Becky and I have been married for almost 25 years we have four children,  2 birth and 2 adopted.”  He works in Kansas four days a week.

He also has a Federal Firearms License and can sell firearms from his home, he said.

“I asked for this job because I feel like District 1 and the entire county is being ignored by the people who are supposed to be listening to the people,” he said.  “I will listen to the people and do my best to make sure they are heard.”
“Blythe was beginning to build trust and I want to continue that,” he said. “I will need to talk to department heads. I know the county has a budget and we have been overspending.”
Roads, solar and wind generators in the county are top issues with him, he said.
The Process to Select

Seven people applied for the position before the deadline: Joe Bisogno Jr., Marion “Mike” Embry, Nick Graham,  Ken Klassen, Mary Pemberton, Brent Smith, and Whisenhunt.

” Mike Embry was unable to attend in person due to a trip that was planned before the application process began, however; he prepared a written statement that was read by Mark McCoy,” Jennifer Hawkins, Bourbon County Clerk said.

“The Chairman of the Republican party must send a certificate of election results to the Governor’s office within 24 hours of the vote,” Hawkins said. “The Governor’s office will certify Brandon Whisenhunt as the District 1 Commissioner and send him a Certificate of Appointment. I must receive a copy of the Certificate of Appointment before Brandon can be sworn in and act as a Commissioner. Due to the timing of Nelson’s resignation the term Brandon will fulfill will only be for the remainder of the year. The Commission 1 seat will be on the ballot this year (in November) to elect an individual for a two-year term.”

Thirty-eight citizens attended the Republican event to select a replacement.
Ten of 12 precinct persons voted, according to Chairman Mark McCoy. They were from District 1 in the county.
“Now I will complete the process by sending certified notice today to the Governor’s office,” McCoy said.  “Once received the Governor will officially appoint and send the certificate to Mr. Whisenhunt and he will bring it to our County Clerk who will record it. Brandon can start serving as soon as the County Clerk records it.”

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