Bourbon County Is Moving Forward To Retain and Expand

Jody Hoenor, Bourbon County Economic Director.

Bourbon County Economic Director Jody Hoener is working on a strategic plan.

“The overall economic development goal is to increase the tax base and lower taxes,” Hoener said. “I’ve been looking at ways to increase the population, looking at strategic activities and programs.”

“I’ve been putting together a strategic plan for the county,” she said. “It’s a process though. I’ve had talks with business and community members.”

“We will partner with the Chamber of Commerce to complete a business retention and expansion survey,” she said.

She hopes to be able to engage and fit small, medium and large businesses in the strategic plan.

Bourbon County Collaboration To Replace Ambulance Service

Bourbon County residents were stunned when Mercy Hospital Fort Scott announced that they would be closing Dec. 31.

Since then Hoenor, along with other county and city officials, have been collaborating on the retention of an ambulance service to fill the void following the closure of the hospital.

The Bourbon County Emergency Medical Services ambulances will be stationed where they currently are: one station at the Fort Scott Fire Department downtown and one station at the Mercy location south of town, Hoenor said.  Mercy donated four ambulance trucks.

“The idea is and the current understanding is that the current employees (will keep their job),” she said.

Mercy will be running the EMS until April 1, when the branding and signage will change, Hoener said.

“It’s been pretty fast, everybody understands the strong urgency to it,” she said.

Hoener’s office is located in the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Avenue and  she can be reached at 620-223-3800 or mobile 620-215-5725 or



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