BEE Better Health Club Is Now In Fort Scott

The new fitness facility. Submitted photo.
BEE Better Health Club has moved locations.
Wesley DeHaven, 24, is the owner and coach of the business and last year in June he opened the fitness center on his family’s farm.
On June 10, 2024, he opened the fitness center at 212 E. 1st in Fort Scott.
The BEE Better Health Club is a group fitness studio for women.
Wes DeHaven. Submitted photo.
“I’m a certified group fitness instructor through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I worked at a CrossFit gym where I began my weight-loss journey and began coaching women’s Boot Camp classes. I’ve been working with clients and coaching classes since November 2022,” he said.
Lisa Ziegler, Eli (Madison’s son), Madison Bruner, and Wes DeHaven, who had just finished their first workout in the new gym. Submitted photo.
“I was initially located southeast of town in a garage on the family farm. The initial plan was to always get in town and be easily accessible to provide my services,” he said.
“As a fat loss and body recomposition coach, all group fitness members receive nutrition coaching,” he said. “I also offer one-on-one coaching services. I run what I call a hybrid model, in-person and remote which makes it easy for me to work with work schedules. In terms of products, I am an authorized retailer for 1st Phorm a supplement company. The most loved products are protein bars, high-protein meat sticks, and protein powders. “
“Inside group fitness we have 16 members and I have another 12 that I currently work with one-to-one,” he said.
Current class times are 7 AM and 5:30 PM.
Text or call DeHaven at  (620) 644-8150 or visti the Facebook page: The BEE Better Health Club
Krista Stramel, Rhonda Bowles, Delane Godden, Joe’ Fritter, Jill Ruby, Sami Rogers, Wilma Hibdon, and Paulette Albright pose in a post-workout selfie from an Upper Body Day in the new location.

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