Alex Specht: New FSHS Assistant Principal

Alex Specht. Submitted photo.
Alexander M. Specht,  53, is the new Fort Scott High School Assistant Principal.
He has taught biology, advanced biology, environmental science, applied physics, anatomy, and physiology for 20 years at the high school level at Hoisington, Osawatomie, and Great Bend and 7th-grade science at McPherson Middle School.
He has also been a head high school girls basketball coach, middle school boys basketball coach, high school and middle school track coach, and boys and girls high school golf coach.
Specht has been a two-time Teacher of the Year, a Walmart Teacher of the Year, and a Kansas Master Teacher of the Year.
He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Emporia State University in 1991, a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership,  from ESU, in 2006.
The best part of teaching science for him is engaging students in inquiry-based learning, he said.
“I would set the students up for the biological concept of the day, give them a general procedure to follow, and then watch as they discovered the science lesson for the day,” he said.  “To see the expression on their faces and interacting with them as they discovered something new, cool, smelly or amazing is always an awesome way for a student to get hooked on science and the learning process!”
“The greatest challenges I see in education today is at the daily instruction level,” he said. “Classroom teachers are dealing with the personal problems of the students.  These personal issues include family, home, school, friends, and athletic concerns that cause a great deal of stress on the student.  I believe we need to build relationships with our students and to work with their families to let them all know how committed this district is to partnering with them to help their students be successful.  When students struggle with ‘outside’ problems, it is definitely a challenge for them to focus ‘inside’ the classroom.
Family and Interests
Born in Faribault, MN, Specht moved to Smith Center,  KS then moved to Sharon, KS where he graduated from high school.
“A  fun fact:  I went to high school with country music singer Martina McBride.  I asked her out on a date once but she said no,” he said.  “Dang!”

Amy, his wife of three years,  is a manager in the Farmers Alliance Insurance Company.   His oldest son, Tyler, graduated from Kansas State University and moved to Dallas to begin work in the financial investments industry.  His son, Jacob, is a sophomore at Fort Hays State University, majoring in biology. He also has a stepson,  named Tyler.

Specht loves being outdoors, he said.
“I have a fishing boat and a kayak and love to fish!” he said. “I mountain bike, work out a little and like to target shoot and do some hunting with…Amy.”
“As a biologist, I also love flowers and landscaping,” he said.  ‘It’s a fun and creative way for me to spend time.”
A college chemistry teacher encouraged him to teach.
“I always enjoyed science classes and in college, I had a chemistry teacher who was impressed by the way I led our chemistry class through a review session for an upcoming test,” he said. ” He told me that I presented ideas and helped the other students so well that I should become a teacher.  That was never a thought for me until that moment.”
His father inspired him.
“He was a good dad and raised me with high expectations, understanding of accountability, and a strong work ethic,” he said.
He was consistently teaching him or encouraging him, he said.
“My dad was my elementary principal as I grew up and my first basketball coach,” he said. “He was a special education teacher and a superintendent…being in a school was a part of my life.”
Also following his father’s example, Specht served in the  U.S. Navy.

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  1. Welcome to our school and community. It sounds like you’ve had lots of great teaching and learning experiences. We have plenty of fishing and boating here! Hope you will enjoy your new job and home.

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