Advance Bourbon County: New Non-Profit

Josh Jones.

Local businessman, Josh Jones, has started a non-profit foundation that will provide funding for projects in the community.

“This community has meant a lot to me and my family and we wanted to find a way to give back,” Jones said. “We felt like this was a good way to make a long term impact.”

“The purpose of Advance Bourbon County is to find ways to make our community better through charitable contributions and work,” Jones said.

“I have asked Bailey Lyons and Katie Hueston to come on board and help me with this adventure, as they have been just amazing and have put so much time, effort, and passion into the splash pad and sensory park project,” he said.

Bailey Lyons from Lyons Realty Group Facebook page.
Katie Hueston. Credit photo: Facebook page of Lyons Realty Group.
“We are a 100% volunteer foundation with 100% of all proceeds going back to the community,” according to the Advance Bourbon County Facebook page. “Our fundraising tactics will be through events, grants, and grass root donations from citizens with a vested interest in seeing our community thrive.”
The Fort Scott Splash Pad and Sensory Park will be located on Skubitz Plaza, just off of North National Avenue. The project will be completed this year. From the project’s Facebook page.

The splash pad and sensory park will be put in place in 2023, following the fundraising efforts of Jones, Lyons and Hueston and others.

“My goal is a core of us handle the majority of day to day things and we work with other groups/people on different projects as a team, as the need arises,” he said. “We really want this to be a grass roots foundation that involves all.”

In the past few months, this group has bought a comedy show and an illusionist to town to help fund the splash pad/sensory park that will be located in the downtown area of Fort Scott.

They have many events they are collaborating with others in town to make happen for 2023.

The following are those projects:

On April 1, the group is helping to organize the Blue Collar Awards, that will be honoring the manual workers in the community.

“We are working together with Aaron Judy on this,” Jones said.

On April 15, they are organizing the Greg Morton Comedy Show for the community, comedian Andrew Rose will be opening for Morton.

On June 9, they are working together with Cory Bryars and Brad Matkin to make a Live Band Karaoke happen.

On July 1, in collaboration with Bill Michaud, they are bringing the  Game Show Road Show to the community.

On August 26,  another comedian, Todd Royce, will be coming to town.

On November 18  in collaboration with Cory Bryars and Brad Matkin the Almost Kiss Tribute Band will be in town.

On December 1-2 there will be Christmas on the Bricks
There are working with another group,  Elevate Fort Scott, which includes Diane Striler, Kirk Sharp, Cory Bryars, Lindsey Madison, and Brad Matkin.

  • Fundraising to help purchase AED units for the Fort Scott Fire Department.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a medical device designed to analyze the heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock to victims of sudden cardiac arrest, to restore the heart rhythm to normal, according to

  • Fund raising that will go towards updating Memorial Hall.
  •  Rehabbing and refurbishing the caboose at Fisher Park and possibly moving it to a focal point at the entrance of Fort Scott.
  •  Continuing to bring in more events for the community to enjoy, according to the ABC Facebook page.


For those interested in donating:

“Getting a foothold as a new non profit is challenging,” according to the ABC Facebook page. “In just a few short months we have already raised over $20,000 through events and fundraisers. However raising awareness for our cause is crucial if we are truly going to make any long term impact.
We would love if you would consider making a donation to our cause of making Bourbon County an even better place for us to live and helping us with our charitable projects.”

“They can follow and message us on Facebook at Advance Bourbon County 501C3,” he said.  “They can bring donations by Bourbon County Cars (where Jones is the general sales manager), send donations through Venmo, or take donations to Citizens Bank in Fort Scott and deposit into our charity account”


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  1. Josh Jones,
    Please work on donations for Fort Scott to have an indoor pool which can give seniors as well as everyone else access to healthy year round exercise. We are considered a retirement community by some. Activities are needed for Seniors too, You all have done a good job so far to provide more outlets for the kids…don’t forget the elderly…Thanks

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