AD: Darlene’s Antiques Auction

Darlene’s Antiques, 16 Scott Avenue, is having a complete online liquidation of the store. This is a large and extensive collection.
“Darlene has closed her antique and collectibles store a few years ago,” Jim Shoemaker, her husband said. “She has decided to sell her entire store inventory and the large personal collection of antiques.
This is the second of several online auctions that Crawford Auction Service will be doing for us. This auction starts to close at 7 PM Sunday, June 30th.”
There will be another auction in a few weeks, Shoemaker said.
“Darlene and I want to thank all the customers that have patronized her store since 2005,” Shoemaker said.
Jim Shoemaker is also selling his ham radio operations.
Jim Shoemaker has been a ham radio operator since 1953.
To view a video of the operation:
Jim’s cell phone is 620 223 5090 and PayPal address:
This auction ends June 30.
To see all the items, click below:
Below just a few of the featured items are pictured.

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