Judah Whitson at the cash register at Fort Scott Farmers Market.

Young Entrepreneurs Series Spawns An Anonymous Benefactor

Judah Whitson at the cash register at Fort Scott Farmers Market.
Judah Whitson mans the cash register at his family’s booth at the Fort Scott Farmers Market. He makes and sells mini-donuts at five-years-old, with help from his family.

A subscriber who has been reading the Young Entrepreneur Series on fortscott.biz was touched and wanted to support each business with a $50 grant.

The benefactor wishes to remain anonymous.

This is what he wrote:

“I always stop at the local kids’ lemonade stands. When I was growing up in Fort Scott, I remember the postman buying a cup of lemonade from me. For some reason that stayed with me.

“Selling Grit Magazine door to door, making birdhouses and selling them door to door, having a Tribune newspaper route back when you paid for your batch of papers up front, delivered them, and then collected monthly. If anyone stiffed you, you were out the dough. All of those things were great life lessons for me growing up in Fort Scott. That’s why I really like your program of highlighting young entrepreneurs”

If your child has been highlighted in our Young Entrepreneur Series, please contact [email protected] for the grant money.

The Young Entrepreneur Series is featuring youth under 18 years old who have a business in product or services.

To recommend a young entrepreneur in our community, please send contact info, email or phone number to [email protected]


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