Young Entrepreneur: Gunner Keylon

This is part of a series featuring young people who have started selling a product or service. If you know of a young business person, send their email or phone number to [email protected]

Gunner Keylon preparing some of his products to sell. Submitted photo.
Gunner Keylon, 12, owns his own business called The JG Store.

He sells homemade treats: such as rock candy, brownies, rice krispy treats, peanut butter fudge, trail mix, etc.

In addition, he sells his artwork:  sketches.
An example of Gunner Keylon’s sketches. Submitted photo.
” I like to draw and get requests sometimes, so I thought they might sell well,” he said. “I also thought rock candy sounded fun to make and you can’t buy it just anywhere.”
Gunner Keylon at the Fort Scott Farmers Market on Sept. 30 selling his product: homemade sweets and art sketches. Submitted photos.
“I’ve been thinking about starting the business for a long time but I actually put it into action a couple of weeks ago,” he said.
He didn’t attend the Children’s Business Fair classes at the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team in Fort Scott but joined the business fair just before it took place at the Fort Scott Farmers Market on Sept. 30.
“At the fair, I learned that owning your own business is hard work but it’s worth it!” he said.
His parents are Jared and Ashley Keylon

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