Wiffle Ball Tournament Today On Burke Street

The site of the Burke Street Classic Wiffle Ball Tournament, July 30, 2021. Submitted photos.

Some area youth have organized a tournament in their neighborhood.

The Burke Street Wiffle Ball Classic 2021 starts at 2 p.m. today and is estimated to run until approximately 7:30 p.m., according to event organizer Dryden Cosens, age 17.

The event is located on Burke Street, adjacent to the Cosens’ home at 1320 Marblecrest Drive.

“It’s on a lot between Ralph Hall’s and Frank Halsey’s houses, our neighbors,” Cosens said.

A wiffle ball is a light perforated ball used in a type of baseball.

“The rules are watered down,” Cosens said. “It’s a fun thing to do in the backyard with family and friends.”

But today it is a tournament, that approximately nine teams will be competing in, with around 35-40 people.

The name of the league is Burke Street Wiffle Ball, he said.

“Anybody can come and watch,” Cosens said. “There are some shade trees, but bring your own lawn chairs.”

To aid players on this humid July day with temperatures expected to be near 100 degrees, Cosens and his brother Cal, will have popcicles and a tent set up, along with water.


Cal and Dryden Cosens. Submitted photo.

The Cosen brothers have been playing wiffle ball since Dryden was in sixth-grade, he said. He is now 17, and Cal is 15.

“In 2015, we had our first tournament,” Dryden said. “We made a Youtube channel, but kind of gave it up when we got busy with playing baseball.”

A friend, Rocco Loffredo, came to Dryden, with the idea of restarting the tournament.

“I talked to Cal, and we decided it would be a good idea,” he said.


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