Visioning Survey deadline extended

Residents of Fort Scott may have noticed emails in their inboxes concerning participation in the Fort Scott Community Visioning Survey. In an effort to garner opinions and ideas from citizens all over town, the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fort Scott have teamed up on the project, which was begun by former city Economic Development Director Macey Cullison.

According to Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lindsey Madison, the survey deadline has been extended in order to allow for increased participation. Madison said that the survey was based on a former survey done in years past, but that the current survey had been updated to reflect current issues.

“We wanted some more feedback,” Madison said, from all quadrants of the town. According to Madison, a volunteer sat outside Gene’s IGA promoting the survey within the past few weeks, which Madison said was a success.

According to Visioning Steering Committee member Gary Palmer, the purpose of the survey is to collect feedback from the community to be used in determining future projects. Palmer explained that the committee is “interested in surveying residents of Fort Scott and the entire county to receive feedback on recent efforts deployed over the last several years from the community visioning process. Furthermore, as a part of the visioning process we would like to collect data on what our next challenge should be.” Palmer explained that the next step after collecting survey information is to hold a “community conversation” in which the compiled survey data will be presented to the public.

“The visioning process is community wide,” Palmer said.  “We want to ensure the public is constantly and consistently informed in the work we are doing. This survey is one of the ways our committee felt we could do that.”

For those taking the survey, there is an opportunity to win $50 in “Chamber Bucks,” which gives the holder $50 to spend at local businesses.

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