USD 234 Receives a Clean Audit Report

During their meeting Monday evening, the Unified School District 234 Board of Education received a positive audit report to help wind up the end of the year.


Terry Sercer, certified public accountant for Diehl Banwart Bolton, said his job was to look at the school’s report of all their cash, balances and receipts for the entire year and make any adjustments that might be needed in order to hold to state and federal statutes.

Sercer said very few adjustments had to be made to the district’s report and said the unencumbered cash remained almost the same from the beginning of the year until the end, aside from the bond money which continues to decrease as the project progresses.

“You have good cash balances in your funds,” Sercer said.

Sercer pointed out that there were no violations of Kansas or federal statutes and that their school activity funds were also in order.

“Really a good audit report for you this year,” Sercer said, adding he always enjoys helping Fort Scott’s school district because of his own family ties to the schools.

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  1. Diehl Banwart Bolton is the same firm that gave an all clear to the Bourbon County Treasurer’s office in 2012…

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