Unapproved Minutes of the Uniontown City Council on May 9

The Regular Council Meeting on May 9, 2023 at Uniontown City Hall, was called to order at 7:00PM by Mayor Jurgensen.  Council members present were Jess Ervin, Danea Esslinger, Josh Hartman, and Amber Kelly.  Also in attendance for all or part of the meeting were City Superintendent Bobby Rich, City Treasurer Charlene Bolinger, and City Clerk Sally Johnson.



Loren Korte, Personal Service Insurance planned to be here to present the City with a dividend check from EMC, but was unable to make it due to the weather.


Don George, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism planned to be here to pick up grant application but wasn’t able to come.  Clerk Johnson asked council what percentage of match for this application, 56% was used for phase I.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 4-0 to submit CFAP Grant Application with a 56% match.


Clerk Johnson will email application to Don George tomorrow.






Treasurer Bolinger present the April 2023 Treasurer’s Report.  Beginning Checking Account Balance for all funds was $345,407.78, Receipts $33,990.09, Transfers Out $3,026.00, Expenditures $20,937.77, Checking Account Closing Balance $355,428.10. Bank Statement Balance $357,610.00, including Checking Account Interest of $74.34, Outstanding Deposits $0, Outstanding Checks $2,181.90, Reconciled Balance $355,428.10.  Water Utilities Certificates of Deposit $33,223.90, Sewer Utilities Certificate of Deposit $19,841.76, Gas Utilities Certificates of Deposit $33,499.83, Total All Funds, including Certificates of Deposit $441,993.59. Year-to-Date Interest in Checking Acct is $302.32, and Utility CDs $164.51 for a Total Year-to-Date Interest of $466.83.  Also included the status of the Projects Checking Account for the month of April 2023, Beginning Balance $0, Receipts $0, Expenditures $0, Ending Balance $0.  April Transfers from Sewer Utility Fund to Sewer Revolving Loan $1,402.00; from Water Utility Fund to GO Water Bond & Interest $1,624.00; for Total Transfers of $3,026.00.  Net Income for the month of April $10,026.32, Year-to-Date Net Income $11,876.13.  Budget vs Actual Water Fund YTD Revenue $38,134.93 (31.2%), Expenditures $38,690.75 (24.2%); Sewer Fund YTD Revenue $11,987.81 (32.5%), Expenditures $10,443.41 (25.4%); Gas Fund YTD Revenue $74,395.57 (47.5%), Expenditures $42,133.87 (18.7%); General Fund YTD Revenue $58,008.36 (38.7%), Expenditures $60,617.60 (32.7%); and Special Highway YTD Revenue $3,937.49 (52.8%), Expenditures $0 (0%).  The May 2023 estimated payables in the amount of $37,906.04 were presented.



Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0, to approve Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of April 11, 2023 Regular Council Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report, Monthly Transaction Report & Accounts Payables



City Superintendent Rich had nothing to report.


Codes Enforcement Officer Coyan reported that nuisance/debris letters were sent.  Mayor Jurgensen requested that he be notified when and to whom letters are sent.  There was an apparent breakdown in communications which caused an issue with a letter recipient.  Clerk Johnson will send a letter to that recipient apologizing for the communication breakdown.  Coyan will next target unmowed properties.

404 Washington St was discussed.  Coyan and Johnson will review the dangerous structure ordinance(s) and discuss with the council again next month.

Codes Enforcement Officer Binford has issued 14 citations for failure to register dogs/cats.  As of today, five have been taken resolved.  Court is scheduled for May 15, 2023 for the remainder.


Clerk Johnson informed the council a letter of financial commitment was received from Bandera Stone for the Mural Grant as part of the grant application.  Grant application was submitted 4/17/2023.


She asked City’s insurance agent if Old Settlers Committee was required to have event insurance or would the City’s policy cover the event.  He said the Old Settlers Committee needs to have their own event policy.  This was passed on to the committee.  Johnson will inquire about cost of a policy for the committee.




Councilman Ervin – wanted to know if the ball association is allowed to use the lights for practices.  After discussion Johnson will send message to President and Vice-President of association the lights can be used for organization practices, only when needed and last coach of the day is responsible for making sure they are shut off.

Councilwoman Esslinger – nothing

Councilman Hartman – nothing

Councilwoman Kelly – wanted to make sure we have enough chemical for mosquitos.  Yes, we do.

Councilman Stewart – absent

Mayor Jurgensen – hired Cindy Mumbower as the new custodian/water sampler.  She started last week.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Esslinger, Approved 5-0 to provide rock for the culvert extension at Chaffin and the alley west of Franklin


He also found someone to haul off the big rock at the railroad right-of-way and north of the pond.



Placemaking Project – Committee met on May 3 and doesn’t recommend outdoor exercise equipment.  Doesn’t feel it is cost effective.  They said yes to the pickleball court, possibly a community garden was discussed.  Healthy Bourbon County Action Team will be here for the June meeting to discuss the key findings from the community perception survey and have a “Community Conversation” for the project.


Motion by Danea, Second by Hartman , Approved 4-0, to solicit quotes for a 30’X60’X6” concrete slab with fiberglass rebar and light broom finish for the pickleball court


American Rescue Plan Act update –Annual Project and Expenditure report was submitted on 4/17/2023.  Mayor Jurgensen suggested capping the scales instead of removing and building ramp over cap on south side of warehouse before skinning and installing new rollup doors.


KMGA/MMGA Prepay project – have not received anything yet from KMGA.


Street repairs/resurfacing – Three bids were received for the project and opened (bid tabulation attached).


Motion by Ervin, Second by Esslinger, Approved 4-0 to award base bid plus alternate bid to Bettis Asphalt for the total amount of $175,597.19





Moved by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0, to adjourn at 9:15PM

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