Tucker Music Studio: 25 Years

Benjamin Banwart and Carolyn Tucker. Submitted photo. Ben is in his eighth year of piano study with Tucker.

A local piano teacher has encouraged many students to pursue music in her 25-year career.

And it started in her childhood with a passion for piano and encouragement from her parents.

When Carolyn Tucker was in third grade, she had a desire to play the piano but there was no piano in her home.

Like a broken record, she consistently told her parents that she wanted to play, she said.

“They soon realized this desire was not going to go away, so one Saturday the three of us went to Springfield, MO, to shop for a piano,” Tucker said. “A few days later a brand-new piano was delivered to our home, and I couldn‘t play a lick! That expensive purchase was a huge step of faith for my parents and I will always be grateful.”

Carolyn and Zachary Ballou at a piano recital in April 2013. Submitted photo. Ballou was a student of hers for nine years.

She began studying piano with Miss Rebecca Murray and found she loved it.

“I soon realized that God had given me the gift to play by ear, ” she said. “My mother never had to tell me to practice my lessons because every time I walked through the living room, I’d stop and play the piano. The ability to read music and play by ear was a great marriage, and by the time I was in eighth grade, I was the church pianist. I ‘cut my teeth’ on gospel music and it’s always been my first love.”


Taylor Cation and Carolyn at a piano recital in 2012. Cation was a 10-year student with Tucker. Submitted photo.


Since that purchase and the subsequent lessons, she’s been sharing her of love of music for 53 years in various church settings, weddings, funerals, civic functions, patriotic programs, nursing homes, retirement facilities, gospel concerts, family reunions, baby dedications, recitals, music parties, prayer breakfasts, etc.

“Music is a powerful language that everyone understands because it speaks from the heart,” she said.

In 1994, a friend asked her if she would teach her daughter to play the piano.

“I agreed to give it a try. Now, 25 years later, 97 students have come through the studio,” she said.

At a recital in  2016 – with  10-year student Kelcie Bailey.


“Playing the piano has provided a lifetime of musical ministry and joy for me,” Tucker said. ” I can’t imagine what my life would be like had my parents not provided the ‘begged-for’ piano and lessons for me.”

“I believe every baby is born with God-given gifts, and it’s up to the parents to help the child discover his/her destiny using those gifts for God‘s glory,” she said. “My Dad always said, ‘Buying that piano was the best investment I ever made.'”

Encourage children to find musical gifts

Tucker wants to inspire parents to provide their children with opportunities to find their gifts.

“God doesn’t gift every individual to be musical, but if a child expresses a deep desire to play an instrument, there’s a good chance that he/she was created to do it,” she said. “You never know what treasure lies within a child’s heart until the door is opened.

To contact Tucker for lessons, call 620-223-1483.

Tucker Music Studio is located at 954 240th Street

Fort Scott.

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