Time for the Fall Extravaganza, Buy Local Nov. 25

Georgia Brown of Sunshine Boutique visits with customers during Fall Extravaganza in a prior year.

FREE childcare and an evening of shopping are offered Nov. 25.

The 10th Annual Fall Extravaganza is next Monday from 5-8 p.m. in the Fort Scott Middle School gym and commons areas. The school is located at 1105 E. 12th Street. The childcare is provided by Fort Scott High School PRIDE.

Don’t miss this opportunity to check out local crafters and businesses.

Homemade articles of cloth and wood, jewelry, locally made food items and other local small business offerings can be found at the event.


With over 60 vendors, there should be something for everyone on the holiday gift list.

There will be a full meal for sale from the 8th-grade Washington Workshop students,  and chances to win raffle prizes.

There will also be six $25 cash prize giveaways:

1) Every adult who comes to our event will be allowed to add a middle school child’s name into a drawing. At the end of the night, two student names will be drawn and those students will win $25 cash!

2) Every USD 234 employee who attends will have a chance to be entered into a drawing. At the end of the night, four names will be drawn and those employees will win $25 cash!

The event is sponsored by the FSMS VIPs, which is the parent group at the middle school.
  “This is one of about five fundraisers we do every year to raise money for our school,” Stephanie George, coordinator for the event and a middle school teacher. “Teachers and students benefit.  Every year we look at the needs of them both and decide what to do with the money.”
”  In past years, we have purchased laptops and iPads for student and teacher use, we have given money to the science teachers for lab supplies and to the music teachers for sheet music and instruments, and we give money each year to the teachers to purchase school supplies at the start of the year.  We also pay for software that the district wasn’t able to afford when budgets were cut years ago:  we have paid for Accelerated Reader (a reading supplement) for over five years now and we pay for video subscriptions that teachers want like Flocabulary and BrainPop.”
“The first year of our event was 2009,” George said. “We had 29 vendors and we held it all in our commons.  By year 3, we had so many vendors we had to expand into our gym.  This year we have 69 spots sold, plus a few booths manned by middle school student groups (Washington Workshop and the 8th Grade Technology Class), which is bigger than last year by one vendor.”
Approximately 400 people from the community come to shop during the event each year, she said.
. Fall Extravaganza 2017.


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