SPARK Projects in Bourbon County Are Varied

Bourbon County, KS

Recently a whole slate of Bourbon County businesses, organizations, school districts, churches and other categories of entities received grants to help with COVID-19 expenses.

The Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas (SPARK) taskforce plan is to lead Kansas forward in recovery from the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, according to its’ website,

SPARK is responsible for the statewide distribution of the U.S. Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The total amount of grants disbursed in Bourbon County:

The following received Bourbon County SPARK Funds on October 21, 2020, according to Bourbon County Economic Director Jody Hoener.

Listed below are the names of the businesses, the category they are under and the amount received from SPARK.

4 State Sanitation, Small Business, $3,500.00
5 Corners Mini Mart, Small Business, $4,250.00

Ascension Via Christi Pittsburg Inc., Health Care, $203,150.00

Baja Management Corp, Collaborative, $450,000.00
Bartelsmeyer Jewelry, Small Business, $3,750.00
Beacon Incorporated, Small Business, $1,500.00
Bids and Dibs, Small Business, $4,000.00
BN Hunting, Small Business, $1,250.00
Bourbon County, Preapproved, $263,684.65
Bourbon County 4-H Council, Small Business, $2,000.00
Bourbon County District Court, Preapproved, $3,457.00
Bourbon County Information Technology Economic Development, $51,250.00
Bourbon County Kansas Health Care, $91,000.00

Care to Share Cancer Support, Small Business, $500.00
Cheney Witt Chapel, Inc., Small Business, $2,500.00
Chicken Shak, Small Business, $2,500.00
City of Bronson Economic Development, $111.32
City of Bronson Health Care, $1,200.00
City of Fort Scott Economic Development, $142,000.00
City of Fort Scott Economic Development, $9,974.78
City of Uniontown Economic Development, $39,041.00
City of Uniontown Economic Development, $225.33
Clayton’s Inc DBA Union Station Economic Development, $20,000.00
Clifton’s Chiropractic LLC, Small Business, $2,000.00
Community Christian Church, Small Business, $4,500.00
Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, Inc,. Health Care, $19,985.00
Compass Counseling Services, Small Business, $1,000.00
Crawford Dental LLC, Health Care, $15,000.00
Crossroads Camping & Cabins/Yellow Brick Road Invest., Small Business $2,000.00

Dairy Queen, Small Business, $5,000.00
Diamonds in the Marketplace Small Business $2,750.00

Findley Auto & Body, Small Business, $3,000.00
Fort Cinema, Small Business, $4,250.00
Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce, Small Business, $3,250.00
Fort Scott Broadcasting Co, Economic Development, $50,000.00
Fort Scott Christian Heights, Education, $4,199.00
Fort Scott Community Closet, Small Business,$2,000.00
Fort Scott Community College, Education, $287,760.78
Fort Scott Family Medicine, Health Care, $5,150.00
Fort Scott Hospitality Co., Small Business, $2,250.00
Fort Scott Motors LLC, Small Business, $3,250.00
Fort Scott Nazarene, Small Business ,$2,250.00
Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, Health Care, $84,520.00

HairBow Center, Small Business, $5,000.00
HB Salon, LLC Small Business $2,500.00
Hedgehog.Ink! Small Business $3,250.00
Holmtown Pub Small Business $5,000.00
Hot Wok Inc Small Business $4,500.00

I Am Rehab and Fitness Small Business $4,500.00
Imagination Station LLC Education $17,500.00

J&W Sport Shop Small Business $2,500.00
Jamie’s Beauty Shop Small Business $2,500.00

KANROCKS Recreation Small Business $5,000.00
Kenny Felt Photography Small Business $2,750.00
Khris & Karina LLC Small Business $1,000.00
Kings Way Inn Small Business $1,750.00
KW Cattle Company dba Reprologix Small Business $5,000.00

Lana’s Daycare Education $2,000.00
Leah’s Daycare Education $2,000.00
Liberty Theater Inc Small Business $4,500.00
Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Small Business $5,000.00
Luther’s BBQ Small Business $5,000.00

Mayco Ace Hardware Small Business $4,750.00
Momentum Indoor Training Small Business $2,500.00
New Generation, Inc. Education $17,500.00
Niece Equipment Products of Kansas Inc. Small Business $5,000.00
Norvell Company, Inc. Small Business $5,000.00

O’Brien Cattle Co., Inc. Small Business $2,500.00
Opie’s Inc. Small Business $2,500.00

Papa Don’s Small Business $4,000.00
Peerless Products Economic Development $50,247.00
Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, Inc. Small Business $500.00
Ponderosa Farm Collaborative $10,000.00

Re:freshed Aesthetics Small Business $2,500.00
Re:new with Julie Small Business $2,500.00
Rejuvenate with Kayla Small Business $2,500.00
RH Ventures LLC Small Business $2,000.00
RII Concrete Small Business $5,000.00
RockBallet Small Business $2,500.00

Santana’s LLC Small Business $4,500.00
SASS Inc, Hillside Guest Home Health Care $12,600.00
Sawyer Automotive Small Business $1,500.00
SEK Multi-County Health Department Health Care $7,500.00
SEKAN Printing Company, Inc. Small Business $5,000.00
Sharky’s Pub & Grub Small Business $5,000.00
Sleep Inn and Suites – Fort Scott Small Business $5,000.00
Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center Health Care $122,458.00
Spoiled Brat Small Business $2,500.00
St Mary’s School Education $80,000.00
Structure Small Business $2,500.00
Sunbeam Christian Preschool Education $10,000.00

TFI Family Services Education $50,000.00
The After Affect Salon Small Business $2,500.00
The Boiler Room Brewhaus Small Business $3,250.00
The Christian Learning Center Foundation Education $8,199.00
Two Sisters Cleaning Service Small Business $2,250.00

Unified School District 234 Education $306,000.00
USD 235 Uniontown Collaborative $88,000.00
USD 235 Uniontown Education $102,000.00

Velocity Manufacturing Small Business $5,000.00

Wise Tax and Accounting Small Business $1,750.00

Total amount of grants:

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