Small Shopping Center Coming To South Horton Street

The new apartment complex will be located on Huntington Street, to the east of the Horton Street parcel of land.

The old trailer park property that was on South Horton Street will see some revitalization in the future.

Tuesday the property at 1907 S. Horton, north of Community Christian Church, was rezoned.

“Along Horton, there will be a small shopping center service, a strip mall, for residents and (Fort Scott Community College) students,” Rhonda Dunn, Community Development Director for the City of Fort Scott said.

Rhonda Dunn,  Community Development Director with the City of Fort Scott.

Along Huntington St. on the east side of the Horton parcel of land, there will be apartments or duplexes built, she said.

Patrick Wood and Jake Gross, with Two Dogs Barking Real Estate, are the owners of the property and have cleared it for development.

The business also owns Garrison Apartments at 1729 S. Horton and will be building similar apartments or duplexes at the site.

The Garrison Apartments on South Horton Street. The new complexes will be similar, according to Fort Scott Community Development Director Rhonda Dunn.

“They will be a higher end finish for young professionals,” Dunn said of the proposed apartments.

“The key is, it will not be mobile homes there,” Dunn said. “I keep strict regulations on mobile homes to make sure it’s the best quality we can get. The mobile homes in our town are ‘grandfathered in’. No one needs to worry I am going to get their mobile home.”

The house and outbuildings currently on the site will be sold and removed, she said.

The house and outbuildings to be removed. The small shopping center will be located here.

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  1. Making sure that needs are met, not just wants, should be something to think about. Maybe in the strip mall there can be a laundry mat so whlie they are waiting for clothes to get done they can do a bit of shopping…. Just my suggestion. It would be a huge benefit for the students, as well as everyone else.

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