School Board receives audit report, update on bond project

USD 234 received a positive report from certified public accountant Terry Sercer during their meeting Tuesday evening, saying they found no issues with the school district’s financial statements.

1-11 School Board

“You have pretty healthy cash balances,” Sercer said, saying part of that is because of the recently approved bond projects.

The audit verified the school’s financial statements by checking accounts, receipts and checks, while also making sure the results were in compliance with state statutes and federal law. Sercer told the board they received an unqualified opinion, as well as no federal or state violations, resulting in “three stars out of three” for the audit report.

Sercer said such a positive report is never a guarantee for any organization and that the cooperation and courtesy provided by the school administration helped make the process easier for him.

Superintendent Bob Beckham also gave the board an update on the bond projects, saying bids were approved from different local and out-of-town contractors while those same contractors have received approval to move forward with the projects.

“Finally the fuse is lit,” Bekham said, saying fences have been going up at some of the different schools in preparation for the equipment that could be brought in as early as this week.

Already, drawings are complete for the some of the different projects while concepts have been approved according to fire codes and for traffic flow, which might face changes in the upcoming months. In upcoming weeks, a plan for the remodeling of the school auditorium could be available as well.

“It’s finally time,” Beckham said, saying he has been excited to hear the sound of jackhammers working at the school. “We’re finally ready to build things now.”

Other school board members expressed their pleasure at seeing the fences being raised and said they look forward to seeing work done within them. But throughout the entire project, those members asked that the community be patient and understanding as changes are made and the schools have to make adjustments accordingly.

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