Rusty Spur Energy and Nutrition Opens at 9 E. Wall

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The Rusty Spur Energy & Nutrition opened at 9 E. Wall on Dec. 14.
The owners are Kelly Perry and Chris Ames who is also the  operator.
“We offer one-on-one health assessments for weight loss or muscle gain with our products,” Perry said. “Our products include vitamin-packed energy and calorie-burning teas that taste more like fruit drinks!  We also provide complete meal replacement shakes full of protein and vitamins and minerals in over 60 flavors!
 “We have had a team of other entrepreneurs; Haven, Ashtyn, and Greg, in Ft. Scott (at a different location) since August 2020 helping customers with healthy shakes and teas,” Kelly said. “Previous health coaches have moved from the area and we felt passionate about keeping such a niche business alive and well in Fort Scott!  We hated to see it close when the others moved.”
Their passion stems from losing weight using the drinks they sell.
Both women have followed a number of fad diets and even resorted to surgical weight loss methods such as gastric bypass.  Short term, they had a tremendous amount of success but eventually, the weight came back, Perry said.
Kelly Perry. Submitted photos.
During the 2020 pandemic, Perry had gained over 80 pounds of her surgical weight loss back when she walked into the Fort Scott nutrition shop desperate to lose the 80 pounds, she said.
 She started the meal replacement shakes and within five months from December 2020 to May 2021, Perry lost all 80 pound swith shakes alone, she said.
 Perry has maintained her weight loss and coached others to do the same, she said.
Chris Ames has had a very similar story.
Chris Ames. Submitted photo.
“After (weight-loss) surgery, her weight loss was not significant and she continued to be stagnant in weight loss,” Perry said. “She started on the protein meal replacement shakes and the rest is history.  She is now a size smaller than she was in high school.  She too is working to help others to be the best that they can be and fully embrace health and nutrition rather than think of it as yet another diet.”
“We’re passionate about helping people and we really like this job,” Perry said.
“Each of our energy drinks is all custom-made for exactly what you need as an individual,  no two drinks are alike,” she said.  “You won’t find one main price because all teas have customization to them.”
“We hope that by being downtown in such a beautiful area we will be able to reach more people and help them with their health goals,” Perry said.
They have products for children as well, she said.
“We also provide probiotics and added hydration for all ages, so if you have a child that is dehydrated or has bloating, cramping or even backed up in the bathroom, we have items that we can add to their drink to help their tummy,” she said.
The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM and Saturday, 9 AM to 2 PM, Sunday after church from noon to 3 p.m.
The Rusty Spur, 9 E. Wall. The former dental office of Dr. Brown. Submitted photo.
The business can be contacted via Facebook Messenger, or Instagram  or email [email protected]

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