Presbyterian Village: Look What’s New Series Starts Today

Presbyterian Village, 2401 S. Horton, Fort Scott.

Presbyterian Village, 2401 S. Horton, is offering tenants and the public a series highlighting new technologies, exercise, and fashion styles.

“We are calling it ‘New to You’,” Becky Kellum, PV Marketing Director said.

Monday the presentation is featuring new household items, she said.

“Roomba versus the vacuum cleaner and The Ring, the new way to see who is at your door through your smartphone, I will be giving this presentation,” Kellum said.

“Tuesday Angela Carpenter and I will be demonstrating the Instant Pot,” she said.  “We are making soup and will be serving that soup to all who attend.”

” Wednesday the sheriff’s department will be coming at 3 pm to educate the public on the body camera,  how it protects them and the public,” she said.

“Thursday we will be educating on the new way to exercise from home with a personal trainer  (the new technology) … The Mirror vs the Pelton,” she said.

” Friday we will be displaying the latest fashion trends, with items donated for this display by  Bib and Dibs Consignment Store,” Kellum said.

The presentations are Monday through Friday at 3  pm in the Presbyterian Village Community Room.

“This is to educate the tenants what the hottest trends are,” and the public is invited to attend, she said.



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