Poverty Speaker: Solving Poverty and Healing Trauma

ALL are invited and welcome to attend the Poverty Paradigm event this Saturday, August 12 at 4 p.m. at Fort Scott Middle  School.

The cost is $10 to participate.

If individuals want to participate, but cannot afford the $10,  contact Jennifer Michaud: phone:  785-230-7010 or email
[email protected]

The speaker is Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz.

To get a ticket, see the flyer below.

About the Speaker: Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz works with both communities and schools across the US to truly solve poverty and heal trauma, according to a press release. She does this by helping caring leaders create sustainable ecosystems of resilience through building better relationships.

Rebecca fought her way out of poverty and the trailer park in 2011 with three young sons. A local poverty resolution project found Rebecca and activated her journey. She later went to work for that non-profit and then went on to build multiple projects like it to help more families. In 2015 She started working with public education and ignited a trauma-informed schools movement in her state and beyond.

Rebecca experienced a lifetime of trauma and poverty and through access to buffering relationships she healed from both and continues to light the path for others.


Rebecca is a Co-Founder of the ESSDACK Resilience Team. Rebecca and her team have walked alongside well over 100 Kindergarten through12th grade schools, equipping their staff as they journey toward becoming trauma-informed. The Resilience Team’s core value is that in order to create more positive outcomes for children, we must focus on transforming the adults who are important in these kids’ lives.


Additionally, Rebecca and her team have partnered with Youth Core Ministries out of Greensburg Kansas to establish and sustain poverty resolution projects across Kansas and Illinois. Currently they are working with over 200 families who are systematically building their paths out of poverty.

Rebecca is widely known in Kansas and across the United States for her extensive work building trauma-informed schools. She is a captivating presenter and her lived experience of escaping poverty when she was 40 years old,  with three young children, invites people into her undeniable experience of healing, hope and restoration.

Rebecca has 8 ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) which she lived out as an adult with addiction, domestic violence, poverty and pain. She captivates audiences with her ability to weave concepts in with stories and helps people understand what is typically getting in the way of adopting the movement of trauma-informed schools. More importantly, Rebecca helps participants identify where they are, where they want to go, and how they want to get there. She is a master facilitator, a generous storyteller, and has an uncanny way of helping people boil down and absorb deep concepts around the brain, behavior, and healing.

Rebecca has shown the light for hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers on the path of equipping trauma-informed cultures and frameworks. She is well known for her carefully crafted work on:

  • Behavior is a Brain Issue and Not a Character Issue
  • Unpacking Behaviorism and its devastating effects on kids and families from trauma
  • Poverty and Trauma: Brains Wired for Survival
  • Understanding the science of the brain and resilience and how the brain wants to heal and can heal at any age
  • No kid, regardless of their story is a lost cause
  • Is it really all about choices?
  • Healing a fight/flight/freeze brain into a cause and effect brain within our schools
  • How Resilience is Built: The External Requirements for Thriving, Despite Adversity
  • Truly, it IS all about the relationships
  • Punishment Versus Discipline: The Hardest Hill in Equipping Trauma-Informed Schools for Sustainability

Rebecca coined the popular Resilience phrase “I see you, I hear you, I am with you.” This is the foundation for building resilience in ALL kids and staff.

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