Pet Store Coming To Fort Scott

Fort Scott will have a new petstore called Everything Pets. The new petstore will be next door to the gas station at 6th and National.

Owner, Dawn Bryant, plans to open next Saturday on November 12th. A variety of birds, hamsters and guinea pigs have already taken up residence in cages and are waiting for opening day.

The new store will fill a void left by the closing of Pets n Pets a few months ago.


4 thoughts on “Pet Store Coming To Fort Scott”

  1. If you check the records you will see that the memory failure of the one who”just wants whats right” was on this same payment plan in 2003. So tell us dear was your name published in the paper? I think the payment plan is better than nothing. I would vote for Susan Quick any day. What we really need is new commissioners.

    1. I’m not clear how your comment relates to the new pet store, but what issue do you have with the commissioners?

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