New Mural In Riverfront Park

Stephen Toal stands in front of his latest mural, entitled, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, on the Riverfront Loop Road, under the Hwy. 69 underpass on Wednesday afternoon.

On November 8, local artist Stephen Toal was finishing up a new mural he has painted in the tunnel of the Hwy. 69 underpass on the Riverfront Loop Road in Riverfront Park.

He was inspired to create some patriotic themes featuring the Statue of Liberty along with the skyline of New York and the symbol of America, the Bald Eagle.

He said the name of the mural is United We Stand, Divided We Fall, which he felt was fitting for this time in America. The pandemic, social justice issues, and political divides are the news of the day in the last year and a half since the pandemic began.

For Toal, the project was set back a bit by stolen paint left at the site last week.

“Somebody stole my paint,” Toal said. “But it’s pretty cool that people came together and purchased more paint for me.”

“I’m going to open an account for community projects,” he said. “I don’t like messing with money,”

He has done six community murals in Fort Scott parks and has had three paid mural jobs recently, he said.

His first mural was at Gunn Park under the big rock shelter house No. 1, which he completed in spring 2020.

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Toal said he invites the community to come and visit his latest artwork.

The New York skyline and the American Bald Eagle are featured in Toal’s latest mural.

His mural work is just about finished for the season.

“Spray paint spits, when the weather gets below 40 degrees,” Toal said. “So I do it when the weather is warmer.”


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