New Administrators at USD 234, Fort Scott School District: Mayfield and Garzone

Terry Mayfield. Submitted photo.

Terry Mayfield, 51, is the new Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, who will start duties on July 1. His office will be in the USD 234 District Central Office.

Mayfield earned a Bachelor of Science in Education – Social Studies from Missouri Southern State College 1996, a Masters in Education – Secondary School Administration from University of Central Missouri 2004, and an Education Specialist – Superintendency from University of Central Missouri 2008.

“I spent nine years as a social studies teacher and coach and 19 years in school administration – four years as a building principal and 15 years as superintendent – the last eight years I have spent as the superintendent of the Drexel R-IV School District in Drexel, MO.,” he said.

His duties include:

  • Oversee all business operations in the district.
  • Collaborate with the superintendent to prepare, manage and oversee the district budget.
  • Provide financial data to the superintendent and board of education.
  • Prepare and analyze bid documents.
  • Oversee health insurance and other employee benefits.
  • Manage district investments of funds.
  • Manage bond and lease purchase payments.
  • Oversee grant funds and reporting.
  • Oversee operations departments; food service, transportation, maintenance and technology.

What is the best part of being in education for you?

The best part about being in education is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with students and staff and to witness their personal and professional growth. Watching students develop confidence, skills, and a passion for learning is incredibly rewarding. Similarly, supporting colleagues as they advance in their careers and achieve their goals creates a collaborative and dynamic work environment. These connections and the positive impact on others’ lives make education a uniquely fulfilling field, fostering a sense of community and continuous development for everyone involved. Seeing the long-term successes of former students and colleagues further highlights the profound and lasting influence educators have on shaping futures.

What are some challenges?

Challenges in education today include providing all students with the skills they need for future success and supporting teachers and staff in a demanding profession. The day-to-day pressures of teaching, meeting diverse student needs, and staying current with educational practices can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to recognize and address these challenges to foster a supportive environment for both students and educators.

Contact info:

District Central Office Phone: 620-223-0800, 620-223-2760

Email Address: [email protected]

Chris Garzone. Submitted photo.
Chris Garzone, 54, is the new principal at Winfield Scott Elementary School in Fort Scott as of August 1. He was hired as the assistant principal last year.

Garzone earned a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from Pittsburg State University and next year will be his 30th year in education. For twenty of those years, he was an administrator.

Garzone’s duties: ” Besides the day-to-day responsibilities of being a principal, I am responsible for the educational experience of all the students at Winfield Scott Elementary School. I provide support and guidance for all staff and promote a positive culture within the building.”
“The best part of being in education is experiencing growth in student behavior and learning. A challenge would be not having enough time throughout the day to address the needs of all staff and students. Winfield Scott has an amazing staff that cares about their students. I look forward to continuing as an administrator at this school,” he said.

Contact info: [email protected] 620-223-0450






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