Little Osage Greenhouse Receives Start-Up Grant

Lori and Mike Hueston. Submitted photo.

Mike, 56, and Lori Hueston, 57, received a $10,000 grant to start up a greenhouse business from the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team in the farm/ranch division.

The name of the business is Little Osage Greenhouse LLC.

“We will  be growing vegetables to start and eventually fruits,” Lori said. “We will be selling in some local businesses in Bronson and Fort Scott… and be selling at farmers markets.”
The Hueston farm is located on Highway 65, outside of Mapleton in northern Bourbon County.
“We are putting up a gothic type of greenhouse,” she said. “It is a higher peak than a traditional hoop house and with straight sides which will allow for more grow space.”
Mike Hueston on his tractor, working ground for the  green house. Submitted photo.
Mike Hueston laying out placement for corners of the greenhouse.  Submitted photo.
They will be ordering the greenhouse in the coming weeks, she said.
“With the help of the local U.S. Department of Agriculture office in Fort Scott with another grant, we will be posting online photos of the set up,” she said.
Huestons Saw The Need
“I remember helping my grandma in the garden and eating what she grew,” she said. “When my children were little I grew vegetables to supplement my budget.”
“I worked as a RN for over 25 years and saw the impact of a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables had on their lives,” Lori said. “Many could not afford to buy these at the store due to cost.  Mike is a paramedic  in the community and he also sees what the lack of a good diet has on the community. It is our hope to be able to help the community and family with fresh vegetables and fruit into their daily diet.”
Mike and Lori Hueston are part of the Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team. Here they are in Louisville for the Supporting Hero’s Benefit. They serve the  loved ones of those who have lost someone in emergency medical service while on duty. Submitted photo.

Contact Lori Hueston at 620-363-1383 or email:

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  1. This sounds really awesome you two and I appreciate your concern for and action in our community. Please know you are appreciated!

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