List of Delinquent 2010 Taxes

Below is a link to a list of the delinquent taxes from 2010. This should be available soon on the Bourbon County website.  To the best of my knowledge this is the list that was given to the newspaper in order to print the list of names. At the end of the document are another list of names. This appears to be the people who were struck through in the original list because they were on the payment plan. This list was later printed in the paper.

List of Bourbon County 2010 Delinquent Taxes

Note: You aren’t legally allowed to use this list to try to sell things to people.

The cover letter states that the properties were to be sold to Bourbon County for the amount of taxes owed. Keep in mind that this is not the same as the sheriff’s sale. This sale means that the county owns the property, however the county isn’t allowed to sell it to someone else until the redemption period has expired. For homesteads that period is 3 years. For non-homesteads that period is 2 years.

Property owners are allowed to partially redeem their property by paying the oldest taxes due which will extend the redemption period by another year. This means that homestead owners can legally be up to three years behind on their taxes as long as they pay the oldest taxes before the redemption period expires.


2 thoughts on “List of Delinquent 2010 Taxes”

  1. Mentioning again that the redemption period is Sept 1 of the three years and after that, all taxes, fees and interest must be paid to redeem the property. Anyone is allowed to be 3 years, from Sept 1 to Sept 1.

    1. The three year period is for homestead property only. Non-homestead property has a two year period and it does not appear to have any type of partial redemption available.

      The law appears to assume that a homestead property would be foreclosed on immediately after the redemption period passes. I don’t think it is entirely clear if a partial redemption AFTER the redemption period has expired, but BEFORE a sale will create another 12 month redemption period.

      My assumption is that it is as you described, but the wording is not absolutely clear because of the assumption that foreclosure would occur immediately after the redemption period expires.

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