Jon Kindlesparger Retires As Golf Course Superintendent

Jon Kindlesparger stands in front of the cake that his employer, The City of Fort Scott provided for his retirement reception.

Jon Kindlesparger, 66, retired as the Woodland Hills Golf Course Superintendent as of Dec. 31, 2019.

In his 8.5 years at the golf course, Kindlesparger has seen an improvement in the course that is owned by the City of Fort Scott.

Jon Kindlesparger answers the clubhouse phone.

“The city has put some money into it,” he said. “It takes a ton of money…It was a three to four-year challenge…from not very good to playable.”

The course has been improved from “pretty downtrodden”, Kindlesparger said. “To a decent golf course now.”

“All the turf is better and in playable condition,” he said. “There is a new clubhouse and new cart shed and also playing, membership and revenue has increased.”

Golf carts that can be rented are lined up near the entrance to the Woodland Hills Golf Clubhouse.

“Jon made a ton of difference in his time,” Rex Hall, a member of the golf course and attendee at Kindlesparger’s retirement reception Dec. 30, said.  “He made it actually look like a golf course.”

Following his retirement, Kindlesparger said he will be seeing ” a lot of golf courses and a lot of lakes to fish.”

Jon Kindlesparger looks at the gift card the City of Fort Scott gave him at his retirement reception on Dec. 30 at the clubhouse.

The Fort Scott Human Resources Director Deb Needleman presented a gift card to Kindlesparger during the reception.

Woodland Hills Golf Course, 2414 S. Horton, Fort Scott.


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