Introduction To The Candidates: Richard Hilderbrand

This is part of a series  introducing the candidates for the November 6 election.

Kansas Senate, 13th District (vote for one)

Bryan Hoffman 370 N. 250th St. Mulberry 66756 Democratic

Richard Hilderbrand 10337 SE 107th Terr. Galena 66763 Republican

Sam Habjan 300 N Cherokee St. Frontenac 66763 Libertarian

Name: Richard Hilderbrand
Age: 49
Candidate for the position of Kansas State Senate, District 13
Place of residence: Galena, KS
Current occupation: Small Business Owner
Community involvement: Local Business Owner, Economic Development, Lions Club, Masonic Lodge #71
Party affiliation: Republican
1) What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it?
We need fiscal accountability in Topeka.
The biggest issue that we are facing in Kansas is the out of control spending and high taxes. I will continue to fight against the out of control spending budgets that increase spending by $1.1 billion; continue to rob $355 million from our employee’s retirement, and $580 million from our highway funding; cuts $114 million from education funding, and still out spends our revenue by $304 million over two years. I will continue to fight to lower taxes in the state of Kansas, especially our high property taxes, and sales tax.
2 )Give your views on food sales tax:
We are 1 of only 12 states that tax food sales. We have the second highest food sales tax in the nation. This is just down right embarrassing. We have to control our state spending so that we can lower this.
3) Give your views on legalizing marijuana:
I do no support it.
4) Give your views on health care for our state, including Medicaid:
Healthcare like everything else, is becoming more urbanized.
When Obamacare was passed, it cut reimbursement rates for our elderly and disabled by $1 trillion to set up Medicaid expansion to the able-bodied. We have to restore those cuts, so that we can give the most vulnerable the care that they need. We have to continue to cut regulations on hospitals so that they can offer more services in rural areas, such as telemedicine.
5) Give views on abortion and Planned Parenthood:
I am endorsed by Kansans For Life. I would vote in favor of any legislation that would ban, or make it more difficult to kill an innocent unborn child. I don’t have any positive views on Planned Parenthood.

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