Greyhound Lodge Nearing Completion

The Greyhound Lodge, August 8. Jim Woods is part of the maintenance crew at Fort Scott Community College who helped in the renovation of the Red Ram Motel into student housing.

The Red Ram Motel property has been cleaned up from the overgrown trees and shrubs which abounded on the property,  given new paint, doors, and floors in the individual rooms and it is almost ready for the transformation to student housing for Fort Scott Community College.

A peek at the inside of one room at the Greyhound Lodge on August 8. New paint and new floors have been completed. Furniture is next to be moved in.

Greyhound Lodge, as it is now known,  will be part of the FSCC housing options.

“We are excited to see the transformation and having it done,” FSCC President Alysia Johnston said on Wednesday. “I think the students will like it.”

All the remodeling of the building was done by maintenance staff or the construction trades class, she said.

“Kim Coates (construction trade instructor) and a couple of kids have been on it,” Johnston said. “Lane Cutler cleaned up the property. Jim Woods is a member of the maintenance team.  All the remodel has been in-house, except the floors.”

Johnny Walker was the high bidder for the Red Ram Motel sign.

The Red Ram Motel sign is gone now, purchased by Johnny Walker. Work is in the final stages before students move in, August 18-19, Fort Scott Community College President Alysia Johnston said Wednesday.

Each room will have bunkable beds. “The kids can decide whether to bunk them or not,” she said. “Each room will have beds, a small fridge, microwave, dresser.”

“It’s affordable, $300 per month per student,” Johnston said. “It’s also appropriate, supervised student housing.”

A member of  FSCC staff will be living in an apartment at Greyhound Lodge, for security and supervision duties.

A computer lab, a student lounge with a pool table, washer and dryer and kitchen will be available for students use.

Greyhound Lodge is on the north side of town, near the intersection of Hwy. 54 and Hwy. 69. The FSCC main campus is on the south side of town. Students will be moving in the weekend of  August 18-19, Johnston said.

“The students who live there can purchase a meal plan,” Johnston said. “We now have a 10-meal-plan or a 7-meal-plan, if they want to purchase it.”




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  1. What a nice improvement ! I have heard several positive comments from people about the “New” Greyhound Lodge. Thank you FSCC.

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