Grand Opening for The Game Cafe

On a cool, cloudy, Friday morning, chamber members gathered to celebrate the opening of one of Fort Scott’s newest businesses–The Game Cafe. Teens have long lamented the absence of local entertainment stores, and entrepreneur Korey Pearson has created a business in response to the need. Police Chief Travis Shelton said of The Game Cafe, “The 13 year old boys are going to love this!”


Pearson introduced himself to those in attendance and explained exactly what The Game Cafe does: “We buy, sell and trade games, and visitors can play games here for free.” He gestured to a console and large TV screen in one corner of the store. He also mentioned that the store is usually packed at 6:30 on Tuesday nights, which have been designated “game nights” in which anyone can participate.

Aside from selling electronic games, The Game Cafe also sells card games, including the  “Magic: The Gathering” cards, which Pearson says have been very popular. According to Pearson, these cards can range in price from “20 cents to 50 dollars.” When asked what age groups frequent the store, he said, “Anywhere from 6-7 all the way up to 71 years!”

City Manager Dave Martin commended Pearson and his family for starting the business. Martin said, “This young man and his dad have a trait that I do not have–entrepreneurship.” Martin assured Pearson that the Chamber was “here to help” in any way possible, and that Pearson’s vision and work with the young people of Fort Scott is very important.

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