Elm Creek electrical charges enforced, landfill update

Commissioner Barbara Albright addressed the concerns of campers at Elm Creek Lake about separate charges for the shelter house and electric outlets. In the past, campers hadn’t been charged fully for both because of a misunderstanding of the caretaker’s. Caretakers in the past allowed access to the shelter for $5 instead of the usual $20 because they knew use of exterior outlets on the shelter could easily trip the old breaker. In order to reset it, campers needed access to the shelter, even if they did not plan to use the shelter, itself.

“It’s just a 20 amp breaker, so it’s going to trip a lot faster than anything newer” said Commission Chairman Warren.

Commissioners discussed the possibility of replacing the 20 amp breaker box in the shelter with a 30 amp breaker box to prevent problems with overload on the breaker at the shelter. However, commissioners decided to start enforcing previously set charges in the meantime. The official costs for using electric hookups at Elm Creek are $10 per outlet per night on the electric poles, $20 per night for the shelter house.

The total cost if all outlets are in use $80 per night. “If they [campers] want access to that breaker box, they need to pay for the shelter” Warren explained. The reasoning behind the choice was that if the shelter were opened without payment, the electrical outlets on the interior of the shelter would be used without charge. Commissioner Barbara Albright remarked, “It just needs to be uniform for everyone.” Commission Chairman Warren indicated that from now on, if the shelter house were not rented, the outlets on the exterior of the shelter would not be turned on.

Albright suggested that the county notify campers in writing on the exact charges when they reserve the area.

Warren also updated Commissioners Albright and Coleman on the situation at the landfill following April’s hailstorm. Warren brought to their attention the increased revenue being generated by the disposal of shingles and other roofing and siding material, but also reminded those in attendance that the landfill had added two new employees and was paying overtime for Saturday work. “In May, we jumped up over 3,200 tons” Warren said.  Warren also mentioned that the bulldozer at the landfill is being used much more than in the past, and that it is old. The commissioners discussed keeping revenue in reserve in case the old bulldozer fails. Warren says that with the huge amount of waste coming in, in the event of the bulldozer failing, the county would need to have reserves of money to rent a bulldozer to keep up with demand at the landfill. According to Warren, the hopper at the landfill also needs work. According to Public Works Director Marty Pearson, the unit has had 1.5 days of welding work done on it to keep it running. “That unit needs to be replaced–that’s all there is to it,” Warren told Pearson. Warren suggested that at the end of the year, the commissioners amend the budget in order to include new equipment for the landfill using revenue generated by increased traffic at the landfill, which has seen an increase in Construction and Demolition (C & D) waste consumers from 122 loads in January to 1,268 loads in May.

“I think it’s working out [well], I really do. We’re keeping up,” Warren said.

Other business

  •  At a departmental meeting for the county, Commissioners and attendees also discussed performance reviews. Warren said that performance reviews, once finished, would be administered at the end of the year. Warren said “Right now, [employees] get the same raise as everyone else” regardless of how employees perform. He asked, “Is that fair?” Warren asked that department heads develop a list of 4-5 criteria for performance review for employees. Bourbon County Emergency Manager Terri Coop pointed out that doing these evaluations would have the positive effect of protecting the county from unwarranted unemployment claims and other legal issues.

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