GNAT Seeking Volunteers To Benefit Multi-Sensory Playground

Thursday morning Chris Yoder and sons Melvin, Willard, and Joseph work on the roof of the house at 1311 S. National. The Yoder family was hired by Diana Mitchell to stabilize the structure which is being rehabilitated as a fundraiser for a multi-sensory playground.

Craig Campbell, with the Good Neighbor Action Team, is seeking volunteers to clean up a property.

The house, at 1311 S. Main, is a being totally rehabilitated, then it will be sold as a fundraiser to help provide a multi-sensory playground for the community, Campbell said.

“Groups are invited to bring shovels, buckets, gloves, hard-soled shoes and protective eyewear to pick up the debris and put it in the dumpster,” he said. “It’s loosely organized, you don’t have to schedule to put up the debris and put it in the dumpster.”

“Be careful of the roofing debris,” Campbell said.

Campbell spoke to the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce coffee attendees during the announcement portion.

The dumpster is provided by Kevin “Skitch” Allen, Campbell said.

Allen purchased the Hester Rolloff business including the dumpsters being used, Allen said in a later interview.

Currently, the house is being stabilized and the roof being replaced, according to Chris Yoder, Devon, who along with his three sons have been working on the house the last week.

Diana Mitchell is spearheading this Youth Activities Team project, the rehabilitation of the house. The GNAT is helping with the volunteer clean-up of the project.


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