Fort Scott’s Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Program extended

A program that has been available in Fort Scott but not used often most recently has been extended five more years with the approval of the city commission last week and the goal to spread the word more to help improve the city’s appearance.

2-11 Sidewalk program

Through the Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Program, the city of Fort Scott will reimburse 50 percent of the cost of improvements residents make to their sidewalks or curbs on their property, up to $2,000 for each project.

“I think it would be huge,” Fire Chief Paul Ballou said of the impact the project could have on the city. “Because there’s a lot of need out there…It would be a benefit to a lot of property owners.”

Those interested in doing renovations and receiving a reimbursement must submit an application with the city by June 1, with projects being approved on a first come first serve basis according to Ballou, as the funding, at $20,000 annually, is limited to covering 10 projects at the maximum reimbursement.

Ballou said he hopes they will get at least 10 applications a year as there are several areas around Fort Scott that are in need of improvements, adding he has received positive feedback concerning the program.

Applicants for the program must submit two bids for the project to the city and must receive approval prior to construction in order to be granted the reimbursement. That approval is based on the contractor’s adherence to city specifications and inspections by city employees. Driveway renovations are not a part of the program.

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