Fort Scott Fire Department plays role in circus prep

The local fire department had the opportunity to participate in the Carson & Barnes Circus when they were asked to help wash the elephants before the first showing Monday afternoon at the Fairgrounds.

9-21 Elephants 6

Captain Dale Bollinger of the Fort Scott Fire Department said the circus contacted them to participate in the pre-show event of washing the elephants, which was open for members of the community to come witness.

“That was the first time I’ve ever done it,” said Bollinger, who has been with the department 25 years. “It’s pretty neat.”

After a circus employee used a leaf blower to remove dirt from the three elephants, firefighters then got to take turns using the hose from the fire engine to wash off the three elephants.

Others from the community, such as students from the Christian Learning Center, came to the circus venue earlier in the day to witness the raising of the big top and also to see the elephants and ask questions about them and the circus in general.

The circus held two showings Monday, with funding going towards the local chamber of commerce.

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