Fellowship and Fun for Missions Fundraiser Dec. 8

These are the local students and their sponsors who have committed to misson trips in the near future. Front  row, from left: Maia Martin—Honduras,   Bailey Cliffman—Africa,  Alaina Allen—Italy,  Katherine Hudiburg—Ireland. The back row is the students’ sponsors:  Kenny Hudiburg—Ireland,  Noah Martin—Honduras, Kiran Bailey—Honduras,  Dawna Hudiburg—Africa,  Alexander Krebs—Honduras,  Michelle Hudiburg—Africa. Submitted photo.


Christian summer camps have impacted several local youths to serve on mission trips.

“Some of these students are from the Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene and some from Community Christian Church partnering together,” Tonya Cliffman, mom to one of the students, said. “The same group that traveled together for Denver Christ In Youth, last summer.”

Community Christian Church, across from Fort Scott Community College on Horton Street.

The youth will be having a combined fundraiser for their mission trips Sunday, Dec. 8 at Community Christian Church.

The meal begins on Sunday at noon and there will be a pie auction at 12:45 p.m., followed by bingo at 1 pm.

Bingo cards can be purchased for $10 and this packet will cover all of the games played.

“This group, while hosting individual fundraisers, have teamed together for the fundraising event planned for December 8th at Community Christian Church,” Tonya Cliffman said.  “The travelers are hosting ‘Missions Meal’.  A meal of baked potato and soup for a free-will donation.”

” Some of these soups will be provided by the Ladle Wars competition—a competition of local people interested in entering the contest of whom has the best crock pot of soup…. the winner will receive a Golden Ladle,” Tonya Cliffman said.

“This will be a  day of food, fellowship, and fun,” Tonya Cliffman said.

The students have been fundraising individually as well.

“Each student is actively fundraising for their trip in various ways, selling salsa, pies, M & M’s, blankets, dog treats and more,” Tonya Cliffman said. “Each student has an adult chaperone partnering with them for these trips.”

One of the students, Bailey Cliffman,  has also started a local compassion ministry.

“This young lady that goes to my church is making backpacks for children in foster care,” Malinda Bailey said. ” I think it’s pretty amazing.”

Bailey Cliffman. Courtesy photo.

“Last summer Bailey attended CIY  in Denver,  where the idea of B Bags formed (her local compassion ministry),” Tonya Cliffman said.




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