Family Day At The Fort: Planned By Local Youth

Fort Scott National Historic Site Youth Conservation Corp Member Reaghan Dowell tells about the garden at the fort. Sara Stepanic, right, a student trainee park ranger, listens.

Two groups of local youth donned the 1840s  summer military uniform of soldiers and told stories of life at The Fort Scott National Historic Site on Saturday.

July 21 was Family Day at FSNHS, a new event planned by area youth to gain experience with the National Park Service this summer.

“We picked cooking, gardening and dummy guns for topics,” for Family Day, Reaghn Dowell, YCC member said.

To lead the activities, the youth wore the summer uniforms that soldiers wore in the 1840s.

“The uniforms are canvass,” Sara Stepanic, said. “They are pretty heavy and not cool.” Stepanic is a student trainee ranger this summer at FSNHS.

In the morning, three different stations were available for public engagement:  a cooking demonstration, where visitors were instructed in food preparation and cooking methods;  a historic garden display, where one could work in the garden and help with the harvest; and firearms drills in the use of 1840s firearms using wooden “dummy guns”.

Afternoon activities included arts and crafts for the family at one station and historic, interactive games and activities for adults and kids at a second station.

Family Day activities were presented by two groups of youth who are working at FSNHS, the Youth Conservation Corps and the Youth Engagement Team. Both groups consist of high school age students who are gaining experience with the National Park Service this summer.

The Youth Conservation Corps is comprised of Kaden Primm, Anthea Montojo, Reaghn Dowell, and Jessden Kiwan, all from Fort Scott. Sara Stepanic, Wisconsin, a college-age student trainee park ranger was the leader of the YCC group at FSNHS.

The Youth Engagement team members are Jacey Bowen, Uniontown and Emily Davenport, Fort Scott.

Jacey Bowen, Fort Scott National Historic Site Youth Engagement member, left, and YCC Member Jessden Kiwan, right, teach how firearms were used int he 1840s.
Jase Garrison, Claremore, OK, gets a firearms lesson from Park Ranger Ryan O’Connell, while his extended family looks on.
FSNHS Youth Engagement Member Emily Davenport, left, YCC Member Kaden Primm, center; and YCC Member Anthea Motojo helped prep food for the beef stew that was being demonstrated as part of Family Day.
Park Guide Paul Goodman makes beef stew as part of Family Day at FSNHS.
Park Ranger Robert Thomas leads the Muller Family from Denver, CO in the Junior Ranger Program Pledge.

The Muller Family from Denver, Colorado worked on the National Park Service Junior Park Ranger Program while at the Fort on Saturday. Following the program outline, they were led in a National Park Service Junior Ranger oath by Ranger Robert Thomas in the visitors center.

The children get a book, badge, sticker and five trading cards when they sign up for the program.

Fort Scott National Historic Site

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