Fairgrounds Dedicates New Pavilion

The Bourbon County Fair Board and other 4-H and fair participants dedicated the fairgrounds’ new Hubenett Pavilion Saturday evening, celebrating its completion in time for the 2017 County Youth Fair.

The open, covered pavilion with lighting provides a place for organizations, families or other groups to gather at the fairgrounds. The need for such a place was recognized after the completion of the 2016 fair.

“It will be a place to gather and make friendships and memories,” Darrel George said of the pavilion, which will be open to anyone in the community.

The pavilion was named after Terry “Slim” Hubenett, a long-term volunteer at the fairgrounds who donated hours of service to the grounds and the youth and parents involved in 4-H.

George said Hubenett was always available and willing to help with any project, maintenance or other need, even as far as removing a nest of bumblebees. Hubenett remained active in participating until a stroke prevented him from helping as frequently, though he still attends fair board meetings.

“Terry loves the county fair, he loves the 4-Hers, and he also loves the parents and the grandparents,” George said. “We appreciate your years of service.”

Volunteers worked on the pavilion while other donors provided funding and supplies. Those interested in booking the pavilion for an event can contact the fair board.

The county fair started Saturday morning with the dog show. Other events continue throughout the week at the fairgrounds. Check the FortScott.biz Facebook page for photos of the events.

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