Employee celebrates 30 years with Landmark National Bank

Fort Scott’s Landmark National Bank recognized Jim Womeldorff Friday with a reception honoring his 30 years of service at the branch.

4-8 Landmark

Womeldorff began his career in banking closer to 40 years ago as a teller, but came to Fort Scott as the vice president of agricultural lending 30 years ago. Since that time, Womeldorff has helped in various areas of the bank such as loan reports, security and consumer, commercial or mortgage lending, but now continues to help customers as supervisor of the agriculture lending.

“From my perspective, getting to 30 years was basically because of my customers,” Womeldorff said, adding those customers made his job easier as well as worthwhile as he built a bond and trust with those he served.

Some of those customers as well as friends, family and current and former coworkers came to the reception to express their appreciation for his years of work in Fort Scott.

“Fort Scott’s a good town,” Womeldorff said, saying he has enjoyed raising his family in the area as well as working with those at Landmark National Bank.

Despite numerous changes at the branch over his 30 years with the bank, Womeldorff said members of the branch were always able to adjust accordingly and continue to serve the community.

Womeldorff said he plans to continue his work at Landmark for the immediate future.

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