3 thoughts on “Elephant Bath Time This Friday at 3 p.m.”

  1. Using city resources and taking firemen out of service for a Carson & Barnes Circus elephant-washing publicity stunt should have residents asking “why.”

    Public pachyderm baths can’t wash away Carson & Barnes deplorable treatment of elephants. The circus recently agreed to pay $16,000 to settle charges for putting the public and elephants at risk. This is in addition to an earlier settlement where the circus paid to settle 10 alleged violations of the federal animal protection regulations.

    Carson & Barnes Circus has a notorious history of failing animals, from viciously beating elephants until they screamed, to allowing elephants to escape and run amok.

    Fort Scott’s firefighters are responsible for such important work. Supporting the cruel circus should not be part of that.

    1. It looked to me like the elephants enjoyed the water. Would you prefer they had been deprived of it?

  2. Elephants should never be in a circus-no animal should.
    They are not entertainment and should not have to travel in cages from town to town.

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