Driver collides with Game Cafe building

The Game Cafe at 12 E National in Fort Scott had an unexpected visitor come through the window at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, July 3rd. A driver missed the curve and drove into the front of the building, smashing a window and tearing through the building’s brick exterior.

Jeff Fischer, Joseph Fischer, and Ben Fischer contemplate repair work to the building at 12 E National St

When asked about the situation, building owner Jeff Fischer quipped, “We’re having an open house!” Joseph Fischer said that thankfully the car missed most of the major supporting structures in his father’s building. Fischer said that no one was hurt–the occupants were in the back part of the building when the accident happened–and that Korey Pearson, the owner of the Game Cafe business, had moved merchandise away from the wall that was hit just prior to the accident.

As of now, the Fischers are examining one structural area of the building that is leaning to the left after the crash. Jeff Fischer said that he has jacked up the area by the corner of the door frame that is leaning, and that he will take off a panel of the roof to assess the damage. Fischer said that he might need to install another beam for support.


In addition, the Fischers have reinforced the area under the window with rebar in order to lend that area extra durability.


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